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NEXT MEETING Our next meeting is April 23. Terry Bohan, candidate for the Republican nomination for the office of Frederick County sheriff, will be speaking with the group. Ellen Murphy, candidate for the Republican nomination for the office of the Commissioner of the Revenue for Frederick County, will also be stopping by.
 -Fear the People Campaign launched to ratify the original First Amendment & break up Washington. http://bit.ly/1CPgNFE Interesting.  Possibly a way to fix DC.  Certainly thinking outside the box.     -Russia crosses another Obama Red Line. http://bit.ly/1FUuXtK At this point, what difference does it make?     -Who knows what Hillary's running on, anyway? http://bit.ly/1JLkvWI Apparently, no one else can figure it out, either.     -Judge in Walter Scott shooting surprisingly selected by South Carolina Supreme Court. http://bit.ly/1ywBP0M Trying to avoid another Ferguson, SC thinks they have the ticket.  Hopefully, they do.     -Congress takes up identifying 'High Crimes and Misdemeanors' by the President. http://bit.ly/1zhWBvT It's about time.  There is a long list if they care to check it out.     -Tax Day:  Not painful enough. http://bit.ly/1DkzcOm The author makes the case for smaller government if only the populace knew and paid attention.
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