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NEXT MEETING Our Next Meeting Will Be On 09/25/2014 At the Frederick County Public Safety Building 7:00pm 1080 Coverstone Dr Winchester, Va Possible Bridge Rally 09/27/2014 Check Back For More Information
-Debunking the myths, talking-points, and agenda driven nonsense around the Mike Brown shooting, Pt. 1 http://bit.ly/1r80CRk A good lesson on how the Left tries to manipulate your judgement.  You aren't crazy. -Some deep intellectual dishonesty amid the nonsense about Syrian moderates and funding them. http://bit.ly/1uMnUP8 Make sure you click on 'read more' at the end of the article. We are sending more money to the wrong place. -Team Obama admits planning to micromanage military war against ISIS.  WH Oval Office will authorize individual  strikes and missions(because it worked so well for LBJ) http://bit.ly/1ukvFtk General John Allen, remember him?  Read on and remember why he was selected. -Former State Department Official:  Details of Maxwell's Benghazi document story ring true http://dailysign.al/1r7Paq2 Of course it does.  You know the truth when you hear it. -8 ways the Obama administration is blocking information http://bit.ly/1u757iP Quit complaining.  Journalists never were aggressive with Obama and now they are paying.  It helps to read them anyway.  Be aware you are not getting any good information. -Significant chemical weapons http://bit.ly/1pma0Np Syria has retained significant chemical weapons when they agreed to give them up in August.  Is anyone surprised?
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