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NEXT MEETING 09/11/2014 At the Frederick County Public Safety Building 7:00pm
-It's National Impeach Obama Week  Aug. 23-31 http://impeachobamaweek.net More protests planned in Oct. right before the election -Energy state Dems slam Obama for international climate change pact http://washex.am/1tdfC3u Never believe a Dem during election years. -Bobby Jindal says Obama forced Common Core scheme on Louisiana and other states http://dailysign.al/1tcQfyY Hope he wins this one.  Common Core needs to disappear -Obama administration sues Minnesota town for rejecting mosque http://bit.ly/1pIYNLC Another reason to think Obama is a Muslim -Imagining a Middle East without Christians http://bit.ly/1nEGimD Christians have provided an moderating effect on the ME.  What happens when they are all gone? -Second American killed fighting for ISIS in a possible suicide attack http://bit.ly/1rBgzTB The comments are appropriately snarky
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