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NEXT MEETING Our next meeting will be Thursday, June 9th 2016, 7 PM, at the Frederick County Public Safety Building, located at 1080 Coverstone Dr. Guest Speaker Will Be JD Thorpe  Libertarian Party of Virginia candidate running for Congress in the 10th District
-Venezuela is shutting down. http://tinyurl.com/hwfk7mz Wow!  That socialism really works! -IRS uses backdoor loophole to further enslave Americans. http://tinyurl.com/j96xclx They work overtime to confiscate your money. -Donald Trump vs. Paul Ryan---a deeper dive. http://tinyurl.com/jl34497 Nationalism vs. Globalism---which one is best for America? -Donald Trump speaks at Rolling Thunder in DC--- defends Veterans. http://tinyurl.com/hotnoqk Barack Obama never spoke to these folks, because they are Patriots. -Dem Rep. keeps bringing up Colin Powell while discussing Hillary's e-mails and Chris Wallace has had enough. http://tinyurl.com/hyses65 Chris Wallace is way too patient.  He should have nailed this guy ages ago. -Trump lashes out at GOP over spoiler threats by Bill Kristol. http://tinyurl.com/hdkzrx4 Go after 'em Trump.  Their childish tactics are wearing thin.
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