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NEXT MEETING Our Next Meeting Will Be On 05/28/2015 At the Frederick County Public Safety Building 1080 Coverstone Dr at 7:00pm Chris Collins candidate for the Republican nomination for Virginia State Delegate, will be speaking.
  -Hillary's other #Benghazi problem...... http://bit.ly/1Q76rsp Hillary is responsible for the Libyan problem.  She couldn't wait until Gadffi was removed.....Why?     -In Memorial Day speech Obama brags about ending war in Afghanistan.......(no one applauds) http://bit.ly/1EtzMXf There are serious mental problem with this man.     -Gloria Steinem visits North Korea to push feminism and peace. http://bit.ly/1HsWjp1      Symbolism over substance.       -Students get better grades when cell phones are banned. http://bit.ly/1LztOcE What a shock.  Teach them to be responsible.  They will get even higher grades.  It's the way of the world.     -Marilyn Mosby's consequences.....27 shot Memorial Day Weekend.  Deadliest month in 2 decades. http://bit.ly/1LCVq16 Unsurprising.  No trips to Baltimore anytime soon.     -"Beautiful Mind" mathematician, John Nash, killed. http://washex.am/1LCYASA So sad.     
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