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NEXT MEETING 08/28/2014 At the Frederick County Public Safety Building 7:00pm BACK TO SCHOOL BRIDGE RALLY 08/23/2014 11a-2p Rt 50 Bridge at exit 313 of I-81
-Beaten to death at McDonalds http://bit.ly/VGDRIX So tragic.  Ferguson, only two years before. -Holder ordered by judge to hand over Fast and Furious documents http://bit.ly/1kYdwBW Again.  Keeping up the pressure.  Will it work? -Did you know it's Impeach Obama Week? http://bit.ly/XDiz0k Starting on Aug. 23.  Write everyone you know.  Again, keep up the pressure. -US tried to save Foley and other ISIS hostages, but failed! http://washex.am/1BGPaSe Shades of Jimmy Carter.  This should have never been published or known.  Dems should never be in charge of anything. -Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin:  The similarities continue to mount. http://bit.ly/1oVOsfN This is an eye opener.  The anatomy of a false case. -The goal of ISIS psyops is WWWIII http://bit.ly/1qupTlF Read and digest.  Pay attention.
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