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-Apoplectic Liberals furious over Trump's Economic Freedom. http://tinyurl.com/gmhqptw Time to get back to being America again.  Liberals were so close to turning us into their socialist nightmare. -Congrats minimum wage protesters!  McDonalds unveils job replacing self service Kiosks nationwide. http://tinyurl.com/jugvvcs Guess those hamburger flipping jobs were not worth $15 an hour. -Report:  President elect Donald Trump selects 'Mad Dog' james Mattis for Defense Secretary. http://tinyurl.com/jy85ppk WaPo and CNN not exactly stellar truth tellers, but if this is true............a great pick! -'They don't live here anymore'.  Arkansas law maker wants to rename Little Rock's 'Bill and Hillary Airport'. http://tinyurl.com/zbtwxpk Well, they are the most corrupt political couple ever.   Why honor them at all? -Donors on Hillary blowing the election:  We basically lit our money on fire. http://tinyurl.com/zdlxjam But that's what Democrats do!  Only it's our money you light on fire. -How potential DNC Chair, Keith Ellison, defended Huma Abedin. http://tinyurl.com/jgn5e8z Huma has her Republican defenders, too.  This article tells all and their lies.
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