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NEXT MEETING Our next meeting will be Thursday, September 22nd 2016,  7 PM, at the Frederick County Public Safety Building, located at 1080 Coverstone Dr.
-Hillary Clinton shouts at camera:  Why aren't I 50 points ahead of Donald Trump? http://tinyurl.com/zhyvykj The answer is in the short 1 min. video.  She is just soooooooo wrong! -Alert--The October surprise will be a violent provocation blamed on Trump. http://tinyurl.com/jkpno8k Be forewarned. -Democrats scrambling as Black vote surges for Trump. http://tinyurl.com/zsxjrgv The reason is because he is promising jobs not freebies.  They are beginning to see the sham. -Ex-aide and close family confidantes of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo among 9 indicted on fraud and bribery charges linked to state funded 'Buffalo Billion' development plan. http://tinyurl.com/hfwbrfm Corruption everywhere you look. -Texas citing security concerns withdraws from Federal Refugee Program. http://tinyurl.com/zdxc8ox Pushing back Obama's dangerous ideas.......one state at a time.  Virginia?  Where are you? -NAACP leader on Keith Scott shooting:  'It doesn't really matter if he had a gun.' http://tinyurl.com/zae2fuz Unbelievable!
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