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NEXT MEETING The Apple Valley Tea Party will be meeting August 13,  7 pm, at the Frederick County Public Safety Building, 1080  Coverstone Dr. Winchester, Va. 22602. This will be our last meeting at this venue, due to training schedules for the fire and rescue depts. Our new County Administrator, Brenda Garton, will be sharing her vision for the County, touching on sveral topics. Refreshments available 6:30 PM. Public is welcome.
 -Seriously?  Huff PO calls for "Opportunist Parasite" Donald Trump to be excluded from RNC Debate. http://bit.ly/1VQuZeG Huff PO?  Who are these people?  It's not their debate.  Liberalism is a mental disease.     -Donald Trump just announced his pick for Attorney General........Hillary's worst nightmare. http://bit.ly/1JzntjE Excellent choice.     -Judge to IRS attorneys:  I am about to charge Koskinen personally with contempt. http://bit.ly/1SQ0tNV Do it.  Do it now!     -Nothing unites special interests like a common enemy. http://bit.ly/1ItrMYy GOPe plan to take out Trump.  Don't fall for it, Donald!     -You're fired!!  MSNBC utterly guts their news shows. http://bit.ly/1IvKOSu Makes one wonder if they will ever be able to fix the mess they made.  Oh, well.  It's a start.     -Rep. Diane Black pushes to defund Planned Parenthood:  'We have a moral obligation.' http://dailysign.al/1JUMq4S Yes, you do and too many of you aren't meeting that obligation.  A stinking fish rots from the head down.
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