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ATTENTION WE NO LONGER MEET AT THE FREDERICK COUNTY PUBLIC SAFTEY BUILDING. NEXT MEETING Our next meeting will be on September 10th, 2015 at the War Memorial Building (Lord Fairfax Room) 1001 East Cork Street Winchester, VA 22601 The Meeting starts at 6:30pm Rod Eccles of the Rod Eccles show will be speaking
-"The Fight Song" http://bit.ly/1Q4Ewea Music to your ears.  Make America Great Again!     -Bombshell:  Judge tells government they cannot force Obamacare mandates on Americans. http://bit.ly/1EwnXpZ A little ray of sunshine.     -Rowan County(KY)Clerk, Kim Davis, refuses to issue sodomite marriage licenses under God's authority. http://bit.ly/1fTEBV0 Pray for this lady.  She is doing the right thing.  Amazing!  We all need to pay attention.     -Breaking audio:  #BlackLivesMatter radio show calls for race war; "Kill whites and cops" http://bit.ly/1KEJGx3 There will be more of this from now on.  Be aware.  Be prepared.     -Oh, yes!  Some Romney donors still holding out hope he'll jump in the race and rescue the GOP. http://bit.ly/1JAankB Good luck on that one.  The GOPe is sinking and they can't figure out why.  Unbelievable.     -Here's Hillary's smoking gun e-mail. http://bit.ly/1Jwr8e8 Ok, now let's indict her.  It's time.
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