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NEXT MEETING Our Next Meeting Will Be On 04/02/2015 At the Frederick County Public Safety Building at 7:00pm, 1080 Coverstone Dr Winchester, Va. We have a legislative update from our elected officials.
-True or False?  Jeb Bush's education reforms boosted Florida's school children. http://dailysign.al/1GeZvYJ Then maybe being President isn't his calling and education is.  Food for thought.     -Woefully ignorant reporter criticizes Cruz for talking about "God Made" rights, claims rights are "Man Made". http://bit.ly/1Hyu4GT No education.  These people are writing garbage and should be called out on it.     -Rand Paul on Ted Cruz:  We need a conservative nominee with "winability". http://bit.ly/1DV7me8 No we don't.  We need a conservative nominee with a winning message.  We now have one.     -Government orders bank tellers to alert police about your bank withdrawals so they can "Seize the funds"...Investigate. http://bit.ly/1BiikEx And you thought you lived in a free country.  LOL!     -The Power Doctrine--Denis McDonough outlines the New Obama Israeli Policy. http://bit.ly/1CME2Fa Wonder why foreign policy is such a mess?  Read on and the answer will become very clear.     -Obama-Netanyahu relationship not a matter of "let's all hold hands and sing Kumbaya". http://bit.ly/1CnrIeh This is what Obama says about his foreign policy towards Israel.  See what is really going on by reading the above.
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