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Next Meeting 07/24/2014 At the Frederick County Public Safety Building 7:00pm Guest speaker will be William “Bill” Redpath  Libertarian Party nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia's Tenth District for 2014. http://www.billredpath.com/
-What is the difference between Obama's faith based groups and his faith faith leaders.      http://bit.ly/WvKKOr It turns out that there is treachery afoot and this is another way to spend money we do not have. More Obama lies. -Media is drafting Elizabeth Warren to run against Hillary in 2016 http://bit.ly/1n6evz9 I guess they aren't that happy with Hillary.  No one is. -Elizabeth Warren has some rules she would like for you to know about.  http://bit.ly/1nWyxft You've seen these before.  Why would anyone want to come in contact with them again.  Lefties are nuts. -Obama jokes about why he doesn't help suffering children around the world.  He doesn't watch TV http://bit.ly/1jScV40 How much more of this pathetic person are we going to be able to take?  He caused this mess. -Harry Reid: Lives of illegal immigrant children are in danger because of Ted Cruz. http://bit.ly/1k8KCyR Can Harry Reid lie anymore and have people believe him?  He just makes up stuff every single day. -Israel ambassador sees Kerry as not wanted to broker peace http://bit.ly/1rkPBwJ So the best policy is to leave the Israelis alone.  No Obama, no Kerry to interfere.  Sounds like a perfect pal,